About Us

We believe there is beauty in simplicity.

Kinfolk Leather was named in honour of the kinfolk movement, a style of slow living encouraging creativity, simplification and reclaiming our time for what really matters in our lives.

In a way, this is our contribution towards an antidote for the wastefulness that is modern day consumerism, where the most readily available items are fast, cheap, impersonal and unlikely to last.

We want to provide people with an alternative to what is available in the mainstream, to let people know there are other options, easy options for buying well-crafted, artisanal products that satisfy a need, tell a unique story, reduce waste through longevity and thus, stand out from the masses.

...and so we make beautiful, simple things.

Personalized Leather Goods - hand crafted in a little studio on the sunny coast of the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand.